BELUGA (switchboards with “disconnectable” drawers)

BELUGA switchboards are a cost-effective alternative to  W.W.W  products with "withdrawable" drawers, well-suited for hospital, buildings and industrial environments that do not require a test position, while keeping the advantages of panels without power switch-off constraints.


  • Switchboard with disconnectable drawers, for example

        Main power distribution panel

        Motors Control Panels MCC


  • Panels with "disconnectable" drawers

  • Service continuity criteria : IS 2.2.3 (french standard)

  • Add-on or replacement of any functional unit without panel power switch-off

  • Connection type : W.F.D.

  • Maximal caliber of functional unit  : 630 A

  • Sectional separation form : F2b up to F4b  

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  • Connection front, top or bottom with cable enclosure of modular width (378 mm, 504 mm, aso.) 

  • Rear connection on special request

  • Nominal current 630 A up to à 7 800 A

  • Power clamps 

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  • Architecture and modularity 

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  • Busbar and connections  

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  • Certificates 

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  • Standard painting : Gray RAL 7035 or blue BS4800

  • “Disconnectable” functional unit 

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  • Configuration table 

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Download BELUGA datasheet

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