Low voltage switchboard manufacturer


SEA offers a complete range of low-voltage switchboard systems: high power switchboards (up to 8000 A),  low power switchboards, process automation and Motor Control Center. SEA offers a complete range of products, fixed as well as with disconnectable and withdrawable drawers.



Being a "manufacturer " of switchboards  is not a profession but a know-how. By focusing on the qualitative approach of your projects, SEA has chosen to provide the answers that best meet your requirements and constraints. Our team's mission is to listen to your concerns and to find solutions that meet your needs. SEA products allow the integration of all types and brands of electrical equipment’s.


In compliance with International standards, we design your equipment to perfectly match all your constraints of service continuity  and adaptation to the premises constraints.


Listening to the needs of users and of our customers, the SEA range of switchboards brings many innovative solutions that we propose you to discover under the heading "SEA Products".


SEA is able to help you on your projects in France as well as abroad.



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Company overview


SEA has the necessary  human ressources to answer to your needs  :


  • Sales to handle the day to day relationship with our customers
  • Project managers who insure the proper execution of your projects with a permanent focus on quality and service.
  • A technical department
  • A quotation team
  • A very skilled technician team able to make on-site operations (ir maintenance).


As well as  a very efficent manufacturing workshop


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